How to Add Pinterest to WordPress Blogs

Learn how to add Pinterest to WordPress blogs by using two different techniques. Each has its pros and cons. Sadly neither is a one-size fits all sort of solution but both provide you with a quick and easy way to showcase your Pinboards.

Free Advertising for Crafters

If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to find free or low cost ways to promote your website, blog or shop. Free advertising for crafters and other site owners is not just the stuff of endless blog commenting, Tweeting, Pinning and Facebook updates. There’s a wonderful advertising program called Project Wonderful that I’ve been using for over two years with my sites and it has cost me virtually nothing. Spend as little or as much as your budget allows. Become a publisher and make money from your sites. Or, learn how to use your own site to fund advertising on other sites to get advertising for virtually nothing.

Free Crafters Advertising

Blog About Crafts and Crafty Tips have started what will hopefully be a long-term opportunity for crafters and artisans to share and promote their handmade items without spending a dime for advertising.

Link to Us

It’s like running into a brick wall. A website has great information and would make a great addition to Crafty Tips or any other site for that matter. They might even have several pages of their own favorite sites but when it comes to linking to them, there’s absolutely nothing. No logo, no banner, no […]

Free Patterns Gone Paid = Missed Opportunity

As I talked about in one of my first blog posts – Free Patterns Lead to Sales, it’s a fairly common practice for crafters to offer free patterns on their blogs and websites. Freebies can lead to a multitude of free links and advertising for your site. And it’s not a technique for garnering links […]

Writing About Me Pages – Round II

An open letter to other bloggers who don’t understand why they should have an About Me page and suggestions on how to utilize it as a link building tool.

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