Post Hiding

I’ve been visiting more blogs in the past few weeks than I think I did all of last year. I don’t know if this is someone’s misguided “good idea” or some sort of coding mistake but how could anyone think it’s a good idea to not include a link at the bottom of their blog to “previous posts”?

I mean really, do they think it’s a good idea not to encourage their blog visitors to stick around? Do they somehow think older posts have less value? I really don’t get it.

It also seems the blogs ascribing to this design do not offer post categories either. The only navigation is a list of months and the number of posts made in each month. But, there’s the rub. Go to one of the months that has a decent amount of posts and there’s still only access to the newest 2-3 posts.

Why? Why would any blog owner use a template that does this? Is there some strategy I’m just not seeing? All I’m seeing is a blog owner who is being really foolish and failing to recognize the value of their previous posts. All I’m seeing is a blog owner practically shouting at their visitors, “Go Away! You’re not welcome here!”

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