A note from Michele Tway

There’s that old saying about upon mentioning you have a plan for your life that if you listen carefully, you can hear the universe laughing at you. They must have had a real belly laugh when I mentioned my thoughts about my future when I was in my 20s. I’m still living in North Carolina; […]

A Tale of Two Apple Festivals

I live in the North Carolina Mountains in the town of Hendersonville. There’s so very many reasons for people to visit our area but the annual apple festival probably brings the most people to town. Just before the leaves put on their colorful display, we celebrate the gold, red and pink colored fruit that drives […]

Tutorial Thursday

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to start what will hopefully be a new tradition at Blog About Crafts – Tutorial Thursday! On Thursdays, up to 10 crafters and artisans participating on Crafty Tips will have one of their latest totally terrific tutorials showcased here to help inspire everyone to create more wonderful things and visit […]

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