The Great Picture Move

So, here I am, almost 4 months after I began the great picture move. Reusable Art needs updating. The gallery software that makes it function needs to be upgraded. It has changed a great deal since I started the site back in 2008. Features from that old version were not include in the new – […]

Letters, Frames & Other Goodies

I’m really excited about a group of new images that I’ve added to Reusable Art today. They are drop cap images that could be used with virtually any letter, symbol or design. They are all 93 pixels square and could easily be incorporated into webpage designs too.

New Advertising Option for Crafters

Like this section of doily that is just about complete, a new advertising option for crafters is just about ready for its grand relaunch. The Crafty Tipster, my free craft projects and patterns website, has undergone a major face-lift, change of software platform and is being updated with many new free craft projects and patterns. […]

Crafting News & Updates

OK, so maybe this isn’t truly life-changing news for anyone other than me but this has been a great week for the sites in my little crafting world. Blog About Crafts News I received an email the other day from a subscriber of this blog. It was so nice to hear from her. It was […]

A Dozen Baby Portraits

One great artist, a dozen beautiful babies and a whole lotta awwww. A great find of vintage art that everyone can enjoy.

Free Images for Crafters

I know I’ve talked about my art site before but I am so excited about how it is growing. The search engines are finally starting to send me some traffic and a few other crafters have started adding links to it from their websites – Thank you, thank you, thank you. In case you missed […]

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