When to leave a craft fair in bad weather?

You’re a vendor at a craft fair. The weather has gone bad. Do you leave or stay? Simple question but a hard decision that could cost you more than sales.

Craft Tutorial Thursday – March 29, 2012

10 clever ladies. 10 great craft tutorials and project ideas. Some are freebies and some are offered for sale. This week’s edition of Craft Tutorial Thursday offers something for paper artists, crocheters, quilters, reclaimed and repurposed crafters, beaders and folks who like working with felt. This group of tutorials ranges from beginner paper crafts up to advanced beaders. Be sure you don’t miss all of this week’s crafty goodness.

Could People Be Thinking You Really Didn’t Make It?

Let’s face it, one of the biggest insults to everyone in attendance at a craft fair is the vendor who proclaims that every item in their booth is handmade when much of it was purchased in a completed state from Fire Mountain Gems, Oriental Trading or some other source. In all of our travels, sadly, […]

Craft Shows in Windy Conditions, Advice for Vendors

Is your craft show display windproof? If not, here’s some ideas that may help you deal with an unexpected windstorm.

From Shop Chatter to Product Line

More than once I’ve been in a store and overheard someone say that they really love a particular item. We’ve all heard those types of comments. I admit to often sneaking a peak to see what it is they are talking about. Where we make our mistake however, is when that comment is followed up […]

Selling Too Cheap

Creatives working as writers and artisans face the common difficulty of determining a fair price for their efforts. Deep down most creatives feel their work is priceless. It is something they created from their own thoughts and visions and constructed with their own hands. Priceless is just that. But, without a price, we can’t sell […]

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