Craft Fair – Cape Cod – Fall 2007

I received an announcement about a Craft Fair being help in Cape Cod, MA on October 13th. The catch is that they are asking for all vendor applications to be submitted by July 15th – less than a month from now. Their website is Creative Bazaar. What makes this event special is that is part […]

Undervalued & Underpriced Crafts

I don’t know if it’s just a female thing or something every crafter and artist goes through – that whole self-doubt as to what our work is truly worth. The unfortunate part of underpricing is that while maybe done inadvertantly causes harm to the entire industry. Maybe it’s because craft shows and fairs so resemble […]

Cross Promotions to Sell More Crafts

Cross promotions – a wonderful opportunity to bring more attention to your crafts and work together with another crafter or business. Cross promotion is where two companies with complimentary items work together to increase exposure and sales for both. Traditionally, cross promoting involves two different companies; but anyone who makes multiple items can also do […]

Craft Show Madness

Wow, 3 for 3! Such a disappointment. For three different weekends now we had planned, scheduled and drove several hours to attend Craft Fairs, Fall Celebrations and the like. None of the events were being held for the first time. Yet, oh what a mess. Newsflash … if you are having a large event and […]

Make Your Craft Show Dollars Stretch Further

A recent discussion on Craftster inspired an interesting discussion about sharing a craft show table to reduce expenses. This post summarizes the thread and includes a few of my own suggestions for reducing expenses and maximizing sales.

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