Observations on Selling Crafts Online

This week, two very different crafters reminded me of two universal truths about selling crafts online or off. In one case following my advice will help the crafter. In the other case it could have been a terrible disaster for them. Find out how our conversations may help you with your own online endeavors.

Give Them A Taste with Pattern Samples

Publishing companies use pattern samples to sell craft patterns online. What we can learn from them plus some free patterns.

Overwhelming Success

How would you handle success if something you make suddenly became the hottest things since Beanie Babies? Would you make the right choices? There’s one Etsian facing this dilemma and it looks like she is doing everything right. She has upped production, avoided over-selling and perhaps created an even bigger demand for her clever earrings.

Watermarking Photos

Google Image Search, Pinterest and Duitang have created almost a fever pitch of conversation over copyright. Photos of art, handmade items and the world around us are being more freely distributed than ever before. Plugins to prevent your images from being pinned and disabling right clicks are a very short-sighted, if not useless, strategy. To many creative types, watermarks are a dirty name. They ruin the appearance of the photo and are often just plain ugly. But, what if there was a way to add a watermark that adds to the overall appearance of the photo and also helps your branding efforts?

Request for Etsians & Other Shop Owners

People want to know who you are before they give you their money, so why are you hiding behind you location and gender?

Product Descriptions 1850s Style

The posts on writing product descriptions are some of the most popular posts on Blog About Crafts. After all, when selling anything online that isn’t a well-known mass-produced item, it’s the product description that shares with the potential customer what it is that they will receive. A vintage magazine that I found online had a product description for a shawl that contains several ideas that I think we could all learn from.

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