How to Add Pinterest to WordPress Blogs

Learn how to add Pinterest to WordPress blogs by using two different techniques. Each has its pros and cons. Sadly neither is a one-size fits all sort of solution but both provide you with a quick and easy way to showcase your Pinboards.

Overwhelming Success

How would you handle success if something you make suddenly became the hottest things since Beanie Babies? Would you make the right choices? There’s one Etsian facing this dilemma and it looks like she is doing everything right. She has upped production, avoided over-selling and perhaps created an even bigger demand for her clever earrings.

Pinterest, Copyright & Image Ownership

I’m not a lawyer. I’m just someone who runs a pair of sites that deal with public domain works. I have spent numerous hours researching copyright law in the United States, England and the rest of the world. I’m not expert on the topic but I do no more than the average blogger. I enjoy Pinterest. Some of the users really make me angry in their attempts to imply ownership of someone else’s work. Some of the images ARE flagrant copyright violations. But, I do believe that participating on Pinterest is covered by fair use. I explain why and also discuss some of the other copyright issues the site has exposed. I also discuss the recent announcement from Pinterest regarding their new Terms of Service.

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