Yahoo! Launches New Social Networking Program

Yahoo! is jumping into the social networking game with Yahoo! Buzz. Bloggers across the Internet are sharing their thoughts and wondering if this is indeed a competitor for Digg. Many are asking if Buzz will be another place to promote their blogs and others wonder if it just another copycat site of the hugely popular […]

What To Advertise

As a rule, I like some noise in the background when I’m working. The radio is on almost all day. When I do heavy duty writing for a client, there’s typically a classical CD softly playing (no words to sing to that way). I bring all that up because it was a spot for a […]

Free Artist Profiles

I was looking at someone’s blog today and noticed a conversation on how to advertise a crafting business on the cheap. One of the things mentioned was to ask bloggers if they would be willing to interview artists or review their sites. I’ve toyed with the idea to review each of the sites submitted and […]

Why do they bother?

I hate spam and spammers as much as the next blogger. But, every now and again their ineptitude provides for a bit of comic relief. To me, all spam is bad. But, some spammers are so incompetent that it makes you wonder why they even bother.

Attack of the Giant Pictures

There have been numerous studies that claim a website has only a scant few seconds to grab the surfer’s attention and keep them on your site. I have unfortunately noticed a trend with many crafting websites that use shop software to run the site – the sites take forever, I mean like 5 minutes or […]

Market It Right & You Can Sell Anything

As if we did not already know this, some people will buy anything. Others will even eat anything. What I find amazing is that there is someone out there who tried it first. What must have been going through the head of the first person to eat blowfish despite it’s highly poisonous bite? Who thought […]

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