Request for Etsians & Other Shop Owners

I look at a lot of Etsy shops. I’ve seen things I’ve really been tempted to buy and other things that I can’t help but wonder why anyone would buy them much less offer them up for sale. I’ve seen artist profiles and About me pages that were inspired to those that were left completely blank.

But, for goodness sakes, why the anonymity? I’m a female from Texas, I’m a male from Colorado, I’m a female. What’s with that? I can’t speak for anyone else but if I’m going to send you my money and trust that you are actually going to ship me one of your products, I would at least like to know your name!

OK, I guess I can understand wanting to not put your entire personal history on display, but a first name or nickname would be nice. Hey you, Etsy seller, I have a question about one of your items. Just doesn’t seem to work for me.

A name creates a personal relationship. A name can help build a brand. A name helps to build trust.

Maybe next time I’m dealing with an anonymous Etsian, I’ll just address my email, “Dear Female Etsian”. Think they’ll get the hint?

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