December 14, 2012

I feel I have to say something but just can’t see how it would come off as anything worth hearing. Found this picture on DeviantArt from CherisedMemories, I think it says everything. Shame on the politicians who are so quickly trying to turn the horrific murder of so many blessed children to fit their agenda. […]

The Vacation Day the Wasn’t

Some days things just seem to go haywire but they certainly make for unexpected adventures and getting to meet new and interesting people. It’s a fun story now but when my car starting falling apart while we were going 65 mph, it wasn’t the least bit funny.

Embracing Culture, One Bead at a Time

A wonderful story of a world record baby belt, a small Canadian aboriginal community and a community school where tradition is being embraced one bead at a time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

A vintage drawing, flowers, McDonalds and a number of family traditions are all part of this year’s Mother’s Day at our house. Hopefully, our simple traditions might help another family to create their own.

Leap Week Wisdom

Leap day 2012 has come and gone but it has changed me in hopefully a very positive way that I hope others can learn from as well. I invite you to share my journey and perhaps begin one of your own on letting your creativity fly while thinking about what’s important in your life.

Red Rose for a Pretty Lady

Birthdays, a new baby and a tragic loss all brought together by the simple gift of a red rose among strangers.

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