11 Months, But Who’s Counting?

Hapi,our beautiful, but sassy Siamese cat takes over blogging duties today. She snitches on her little sister as she shares some of her adventures and views on the world.

Sheesh, Humans are Stupid

Hapi here. Michele hasn’t let me say much in a while but recent news has really got my dander up. The idea that some silly scientist in California wants my mommies to ban me from their beds – like that’s gonna happen. Plague? Get real people. If you read between all the hype and nonsense […]

Thanksgiving & Much to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving isn’t just for people. It’s a great time for kitties to give thanks too. We’ve only lived in our current home for the past year. Our new mommies promised our old family pictures and an update on how we are doing so I asked Michele if I could write our old family a letter. […]

The Sun’s Out

Oh I am so sick and tired of all of these wet and gloomy days. Today’s pretty sunshine makes yesterday’s grayness all the more gloomy. I think I will spend as much of today as possible laying in the sun. I am Siamese you see and we do like being warm. Not too warm though. […]

Hi There

Hello, my name is Hapi. Michele has been nice enough to share a little bit of her blog with me and let me make some of my own posts. While I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, I do know that I’m a very pretty girl. Well, at least that’s what Michele and […]