11 Months, But Who’s Counting?

Yes, indeed it has been 11 months since Michele has handed over the reigns to me. She has been a bit stingy of late and not allowed me to share with everyone my view of the world.

My favorite mommy’s birthday was a few weeks ago. Michele hung up this really cool streamer stuff but she was mean and wouldn’t let me chew on it. I really like chewing on stuff. It’s fun and it drives my mommies crazy. But, I did manage to get my choppers on a few strands. It made me sick but it was oh so much fun.

My favorite mommy loves to decorate the house for Christmas. For over a week, she kept going down into the mysterious place known as the basement. She left the door open just a little bit and I managed to pull it open the rest of the way. Tali and I went looking for her. Tali wasn’t worried about Mommy like I was, so she went off exploring the dark corners of the basement. I, on the other hand, knew my Mommy needed me. I found her outside in front of the garage. I thought she would be happy to see me but instead she started yelling at me. I don’t like it when she yells at me, so I turned around and ran away from her. She chased me back to the stairs and yelled at Tali too. She made us go back up the stairs and shut the door on us. I don’t know why she was so mad. I was only coming to help her. I think I might not go down there again, it was really cold outside.

Tali told me the basement had lots of great climbing places but she doesn’t like to be yelled at either. We decided it wasn’t worth it so now we don’t try so hard to go in the basement…at least for now. I do sit at the door and beg though ’cause I know it drives both of my mommies crazy.

Even worse than getting yelled at was the day Mommy hid all of our favorite toys. We hadn’t done anything bad but she hid them anyway. She even took our houses and sheet. I was not happy. Tali was devastated. I never heard her howl like that in all my life. Worked a charm though. It scared Mommy and she gave us back our houses and sheet. It did, however, take a little begging to get our toys back. She still has some hidden but at least she gave Tali back her favorite green fish.

(That’s me in the picture on Christmas Day last year. You can see a few of our toys and one of our houses.)

They took my favorite toy away for good a few weeks ago. They left it out where I could get it and I had so much fun eating the stretchy part. Chopped it into a bunch of pieces too. Both mommies got scared and ran all over the house looking for the little bits of stretchy stuff. That scared me. But, they seemed calmer when they found all the little bits. They called me dumb and that hurt my feelings. I think they were real worried that I would get sick or something. Even still, that was no reason to take my toy away and call me names. I really liked that toy. Maybe they’ll give me another one for Christmas. I know Michele has one just like it hidden in her room.

The white squirrels have recently wandered back to our yard. They seem to travel throughout the neighborhood and don’t stay in just one place. I really like the white squirrels because I can see them so much better than the gray ones.

I like to sit on Michele’s desk, swish my tail and challenge them. I like the squirrels but I hate crows. They make so much noise and thump when they land on the roof. I’d eat one up if I could ever catch it. They just better stay out of our yard if they know what’s good for them.

Guess that’s all for now. Hopefully Michele won’t make me wait so long before I can post again.

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