Pinterest, Copyright & Image Ownership

I’m not a lawyer. I’m just someone who runs a pair of sites that deal with public domain works. I have spent numerous hours researching copyright law in the United States, England and the rest of the world. I’m not expert on the topic but I do no more than the average blogger. I enjoy Pinterest. Some of the users really make me angry in their attempts to imply ownership of someone else’s work. Some of the images ARE flagrant copyright violations. But, I do believe that participating on Pinterest is covered by fair use. I explain why and also discuss some of the other copyright issues the site has exposed. I also discuss the recent announcement from Pinterest regarding their new Terms of Service.

Pinterest Frustrations

I love Pinterest. I didn’t think I would ever become addicted to a social media-style site but this one has captured my interest. Problem is that some of the members are doing things that are frustrating me to pieces. This post is basically an open letter to them to ask them to stop doing what they are doing and why it is that it drives me crazy. To learn more about my complaint and join my cause, please continue reading this post.

Duitang – The Chinese version of Pinterest

As if Pinterest wasn’t addictive enough. Today I found another site like it from China called Duitang. I’m warning you now, don’t read this post if you want to avoid another crafting addiction.

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