A Dozen Baby Portraits

One great artist, a dozen beautiful babies and a whole lotta awwww. A great find of vintage art that everyone can enjoy.

Yahoo! Launches New Social Networking Program

Yahoo! is jumping into the social networking game with Yahoo! Buzz. Bloggers across the Internet are sharing their thoughts and wondering if this is indeed a competitor for Digg. Many are asking if Buzz will be another place to promote their blogs and others wonder if it just another copycat site of the hugely popular […]

Fun Drawing Site

A fun drawing site where you can create your own artwork from a selection of small graphical elements.

Free Images for Crafters

I know I’ve talked about my art site before but I am so excited about how it is growing. The search engines are finally starting to send me some traffic and a few other crafters have started adding links to it from their websites – Thank you, thank you, thank you. In case you missed […]

Creativity, Copyrights & Reusable Art

Did you know that when old artwork falls out of copyright, that you can use that same artwork for new crafts that can be given away, traded, or even sold? That’s good news for scrapbookers, stationers, collage makers, mixed media artists and anyone else who needs a steady supply of interesting pictures for their work. […]

CraftyTips.com What’s That?

Crafty Tips is a new and exciting arts and crafts directory where artisans and crafters share their favorite websites and crafting tips. Participation is free and sites may be listed in up to three different categories. Learn more about this exciting new opportunity…

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