Observations on Selling Crafts Online

This week, two very different crafters reminded me of two universal truths about selling crafts online or off. In one case following my advice will help the crafter. In the other case it could have been a terrible disaster for them. Find out how our conversations may help you with your own online endeavors.

Product Descriptions 1850s Style

The posts on writing product descriptions are some of the most popular posts on Blog About Crafts. After all, when selling anything online that isn’t a well-known mass-produced item, it’s the product description that shares with the potential customer what it is that they will receive. A vintage magazine that I found online had a product description for a shawl that contains several ideas that I think we could all learn from.

Photography Textbook

Hi to anyone who may be sticking with me here! Been a busy few weeks. Seems like its always feast or famine with my writing clients – everyone needing something at once leaves little time for blogging. But, hey someone’s gotta help pay to keep the lights on around here.

Anyway, found this great photography resource.

A Great Photography Site

Every now and again I receive submissions to Crafty Tips for sites that are tangentially related to existing categories but are really not a good match for the site. Your Photo Tips is such a site. However, this is a site that I think anyone who uses a camera should spend some time with and I opted to share it with you on Blog About Crafts.

On Wrinkled Sheets

Professionals have no fear of me ever taking over their industry. My skills just don’t stack up. There’s just too many settings and features for me to fully understand. I do OK but I’ll never be known for my work. Many who sell their wares on the Internet have the same problem that I do, […]

Descriptive Descriptions

I know, I keep talking about making descriptions descriptive. It seems to be something that many who sell their products online need reminding of. A recent forum thread had the original poster asking for adjectives. She felt she needed some new ones as she was wearing out awesome, cool, beautiful, and a few others. Oh, […]

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