Women Painters Are Less Talented?

As one German painter proclaims women painters are less talented, a work by French Impressionist Berthe Morisot sets auction record perhaps proving that his claims are based more on stereotypes and a misguided attempt to promote his own work.

Cookies Anyone?

The Edible Crafts section of Crafty Tips finally has a listing for decorated baked goods. Sweet Sugar Belle’s cookies are mini works of art. Her cookies look almost too pretty to eat and she shares how she creates much of her cookie art and shares some great recipes too.

Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project

Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project is a wonderful way to bring a little art into everyone’s life. The site, brought to us by the folks at IndieFixx are hoping that by making the work of several artists available for free each month that more people will learn about each artist and hopefully bring additional pieces into their homes.

Open Call to Crafty Geocities Members

Long before blogs and even Google were household terms, intrepid technofiles created websites through a free service called Geocities. When the web was relatively new and search engine technology was in its infancy people posted information about their hobbies and passions along with sometimes gigantic lists of their favorite websites, projects and patterns. These earliest […]

Crochet & Chaos

They just don’t make them like this anymore. There just is something about those folks in my grandmother’s generation who are made stronger than the rest of us. Maria D’Antuono, a recent survivor of the Italian earthquake in Tempera, found a unique way to pass the time while waiting to be rescued.

A Great Photography Site

Every now and again I receive submissions to Crafty Tips for sites that are tangentially related to existing categories but are really not a good match for the site. Your Photo Tips is such a site. However, this is a site that I think anyone who uses a camera should spend some time with and I opted to share it with you on Blog About Crafts.

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