New Christmas Tradition

BOYCOTT!!! Once again, Christmas has become something we Christians are supposed to forego in the name of not offending anyone. As more and more Christmas events are renamed Holiday this and Winter that, our family has decided to take a stand. Granted, it’s a small one but still, it’s one we wanted to share and […]

Art, Health Care & The Sharing of Gifts

Kindness and caring comes in all shapes and sizes. A simple idea to help area artisans obtain the health care they need in exchange for their time has led to colorful murals, dance therapy, music therapy, a stronger sense of community and so much more. But perhaps this successful program has more to teach us…

Lost WIP Owner Found!!!

How absolutely exciting! It looks like the owner of this knitting project has been found!

WIP in search of owner

Crafters have to be some of the coolest people I know! One Ravelry member is on a personal quest to find the owner of this knitted work in progress. I thought I would do my little part to help her in her heartwarming quest for the rightful owner of this partially completed sweater made from […]

Toymakers Pay It Forward

Have you heard of yarnbombing? How about The Toy Society? Yarnbombing is when anonymous folks create something with yarn and leave it in a public place. While most yarnbombings are fairly simple tube-like works like the one found to left in New York, some bombings are quite elaborate and truly works of art.

Silent Auction Fundraiser for Disaster Relief in Haiti

Crafters I know on Twitter have quickly come together to launch a silent auction to help the devastated residents of Haiti. Early yesterday morning, the Tweets were flying as one crafter took the lead on this project and is now hosting the auction on her website – Indie Fixx. The Indie Fixx Haiti Relief Fundraiser […]

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