Adsense Kills Business

It’s so very tempting; selling advertising or using programs like Adsense, TextLinkAds, or any of the many others to boost revenue. Sure those pennies, nickels, and dimes add up over time and may even bring in a somewhat sustainable income. If you work at promoting your website and getting a nice bit of traffic, you […]

Are you competing with yourself?

Are you underselling yourself and breaking your contract? It’s so easy to do and you might not even realize that you are doing it. When you have a piece in a gallery, under consignment, or in a craft mall; do you sell it on your own website or in person too? Do you charge the […]

Shared Blogging, Shared Inspiration, Shared Marketing

Hi All, I’m back after a bit of a long Labor Day Weekend. I should be back on track for my Wednesday and Sunday postings now. Shared Blogging I’ve noticed a new trend in blogging – shared or collective blogging. Groups of artisans are getting together and sharing their ideas and inspiration in the form […]

Descriptive Descriptions

I know, I keep talking about making descriptions descriptive. It seems to be something that many who sell their products online need reminding of. A recent forum thread had the original poster asking for adjectives. She felt she needed some new ones as she was wearing out awesome, cool, beautiful, and a few others. Oh, […]

Clear Pricing

Whether selling crafts in person or online, eventually every customer will want to know the same thing – “How much?”. Interested customers when shopping in the real world, otherwise known as offline, have the ability to ask you how much something costs. Internet shoppers are left with the option of putting the item in the […]

Protecting Your Brand

Came across an interesting article on Domain Names and Branding. The author makes reference to a recent article in Inc. Magazine that discusses the battle between two small companies and two giant companies who have branded similar sounding domain names. The original article mainly talks about the legal issues involved and does tend to make […]

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