WebFronts – Not Just for the Big Guys

Combine the traditional shopping experience with the efficiencies of the web and you have the makings of a “WebFront”. Put that reatil shopping experience into a smaller boutique-type store and you just might find the perfect combination to lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and become a more environmentally-friendly business in the process. Customers are able […]

Selling Handcrafted Items From Patterns

Perhaps one of the hottest conversations over on Craftster.org lately has been about selling handmade items that are made from someone else’s pattern. “Not for commercial use” is the phrase many pattern designers use when they want to prohibit crafters from selling items made from that pattern. But, is such a restriction fair, enforcible, or […]

Help For Building Crafty & Other Websites

While I mostly talk about my site Crafty Tips on this blog, I also have another informational site called Help For Web Beginners. It is amazing how when you leave something alone for a while and come back to it, you finally see it as others do. In some sort of vane attempt on my […]

Domain Name Protection

when researching domain names for a new site, you have to be careful who you share the candidates with. Scammers and thieves will grab a name if they think they can make a quick buck off of it. You might be giving them a huge clue as to which name to target next. And, it could be the very name you wanted for yourself.

12 Tips on Writing Tutorials

How to write a how to? After years of technical support and suffering with poorly written technical documents, I began my second career as a technical writer. Now, in what I guess is my third career as a writer and business consultant, I am offering some advice to crafters who wish to add some free […]

Free Patterns Lead to Sales

Freebies lead to sales! Period, end of story. Offering free and well-done patterns and project ideas on your commercial site will lead to increased sales. On my other crafting site, Crafty Tips, the sites that get the most traffic have been those offering something for free. Being able to convert those looking for free patterns […]

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