Free Advertising for Crafters

I’ve talked before about a variety of ways to get free advertising and backlinks. If you are a repeat visitor to this blog, you probably already know about Crafty Tips, my arts and crafts directory. But, did you know that there’s a special category to showcase other websites that offer free or paid advertising to […]

Great Marketing Ploy or Bonehead Move?

One of the UK’s major newspapers apparently has a section of their site set aside for blogs. It would appear that their regular contributing authors are given the space on this quite large website to talk about a variety of topics relating to their regular columns. Being in the US, can’t say as I usually […]

Promotion vs. Shameless Plug

It’s so very tempting. Drop that link, stuff a signature, or spam people’s blogs. But, when does something migrate from promotion to shameless plug and should we even worry about if it does? First let me define how I see the terms promotion and shameless plug as variations on a theme. To me, promotion is […]

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