Free Advertising for Crafters

I’ve talked before about a variety of ways to get free advertising and backlinks. If you are a repeat visitor to this blog, you probably already know about Crafty Tips, my arts and crafts directory. But, did you know that there’s a special category to showcase other websites that offer free or paid advertising to […]

Great Marketing Ploy or Bonehead Move?

One of the UK’s major newspapers apparently has a section of their site set aside for blogs. It would appear that their regular contributing authors are given the space on this quite large website to talk about a variety of topics relating to their regular columns. Being in the US, can’t say as I usually […]

Promotion vs. Shameless Plug

It’s so very tempting. Drop that link, stuff a signature, or spam people’s blogs. But, when does something migrate from promotion to shameless plug and should we even worry about if it does? First let me define how I see the terms promotion and shameless plug as variations on a theme. To me, promotion is […]

So What!!?? Who Cares?

When it comes to most things in life, it’s the children who often can quickly get to the heart of the matter. They are still too young and innocent to worry about political correctness, ego, or sometimes even being polite. With their bottom lip stuck out in a pout, children will often say in response […]

Content, the King of Missed Opportunities

I recently blogged about how having Adsense or other affiliate advertising on a business site can lead to reduced sales – see Adsense Kills Business. One of the people who visited mentioned that they wanted ‘to get something from the people who came’ and didn’t buy. This got me to thinking about the many sites […]

Too Much Information

My primary income comes from my writing business. focuses entirely on selling my writing services – mainly writing essays and marketing content for websites. This site Blog About Crafts and Crafty Tips are about my hobbies and while I include this site among my portfolio to show my writing clients, it is completely separate […]

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