Free Crafters Advertising

Blog About Crafts and Crafty Tips have started what will hopefully be a long-term opportunity for crafters and artisans to share and promote their handmade items without spending a dime for advertising.

Link to Us

It’s like running into a brick wall. A website has great information and would make a great addition to Crafty Tips or any other site for that matter. They might even have several pages of their own favorite sites but when it comes to linking to them, there’s absolutely nothing. No logo, no banner, no […]

Too Cute for Words

Cute product descriptions can help make the sale but are they keeping potential customers from finding you in the first place?

Forced Registration?

The other day I made a small rant about what I called Post Hiding. But, several blogs that I’ve visited since have taken this to an entirely new level. It’s what amounts to, give me your email or you can’t read my blog. I suppose some marketing guru somewhere is espousing this wonderful technique to […]

Post Hiding

I’ve been visiting more blogs in the past few weeks than I think I did all of last year. I don’t know if this is someone’s misguided “good idea” or some sort of coding mistake but how could anyone think it’s a good idea to not include a link at the bottom of their blog […]

Score 1 for The Good Guys

I can make that! I wrote that! My daughter wrote that, ain’t she smart? It seems like an endless battle to fight the scammers, thieves and other no-good-knicks that STEAL from others. Just when I thought I had gotten the content theft occurring on my Foods Not Safe for Pets article under control, I found […]

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