Resumes & About Me Pages

Should resumes be used in place of About Me pages?

Free Crafters Advertising

Blog About Crafts and Crafty Tips have started what will hopefully be a long-term opportunity for crafters and artisans to share and promote their handmade items without spending a dime for advertising.

From Shop Chatter to Product Line

More than once I’ve been in a store and overheard someone say that they really love a particular item. We’ve all heard those types of comments. I admit to often sneaking a peak to see what it is they are talking about. Where we make our mistake however, is when that comment is followed up […]

Selling Too Cheap

Creatives working as writers and artisans face the common difficulty of determining a fair price for their efforts. Deep down most creatives feel their work is priceless. It is something they created from their own thoughts and visions and constructed with their own hands. Priceless is just that. But, without a price, we can’t sell […]

Label Your Work

Ralph Loren, Prada and even Fruit of the Loom does it? Why shouldn’t you? What am I talking about? Putting handcrafted by labels in and on your work. The big corporations are putting their names and reputations on the line with each product they sell. So why is that any different from when you sell […]

Too Cute for Words

Cute product descriptions can help make the sale but are they keeping potential customers from finding you in the first place?

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