Presentation is Everything

After several posts that focus on marketing and building your websites, I thought it was time to return to a post about selling crafts. We recently went to an area craft fair and spoke to a number of the artisans who were showing their creations. One artisan that we spent a great deal of time […]

Pricing Crafts – When to Mark Down

You’re at a week-end long craft fair. Some items are selling well, others not so well. You look at the items that are not selling and begin to second-guess your pricing and even the item itself. What should you do? The answer is a great big “It Depends”. Yeah, I know not very helpful.

What should I call them?

You just got a windfall of crafting supplies. A friend of a friend knows you craft and a bag or box of goodies has found its way to your workshop. But, what to do when the mystery items are unmarked or the labels are suspicious in their validity? Such a dilemma came up for a […]

Are you competing with yourself?

Are you underselling yourself and breaking your contract? It’s so easy to do and you might not even realize that you are doing it. When you have a piece in a gallery, under consignment, or in a craft mall; do you sell it on your own website or in person too? Do you charge the […]

Make What They Want…

Last post I talked about temptation leaders – those small-priced items made to draw smaller budgets and children (along with their parents) into your craft show booth. One key to temptation leaders is to know when to redefine their role in your inventory.

Temptation Leaders – Get Them Interested

No matter at what level you sell your items for; when participating in a craft fair; it’s always a good idea to have a few items in the say $1 – 10 range – folks may not always have enough money to buy your better stuff, quite often children are given a few dollars of […]

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