Protect Yourself When Getting Your Computer Fixed

Have you seen this? Woman Sues Best Buy For $54 Milliion! To make a long story short, a customer brought her laptop in for repairs and it took Best Buy 6 months and at least a dozen phone calls to finally admit that not only did her machine never leave the store, someone stole it. […]

A Cynical Crafters List of Resolutions for 2008

Yeah, I know I’m a bit late, but isn’t it the thought that counts? Oh wait, that’s Christmas, don’t know if there’s an expression for New Year’s Resolutions. Anyway here goes…

Christmas in a Kentucky Town

On a somewhat wild hair, we went to a small town in Kentucky to see their Christmas parade. The candy flew by the handfuls and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves despite the cold and windy conditions. Hats, gloves, and multiple layers of clothing were certainly a requirement – many families were even wrapped in blankets […]

The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

The war to end all wars. If only those strong words uttered at the end of World War I had been true. It is perhaps on Veteran’s Day more so than any other day of the year that we as a family shed our tears for our beloved veteran. His service came during World War […]

Memorial Day 2007

Late May in America – a time to remember those who have sacrificed everything to keep our nation free. As we take a moment to honor our war dead, we have to suffer fools who claim that September 11th either didn’t happen or was the work of our own President. One of our presidential candidates […]

Pet Food Recalls – Lies, rat poison, and heartbreak

The evening news keeps reporting only 10 deaths, but common sense would tell you that the number is sadly much higher. Go onto any forum or blog and you will quickly find heartbreaking stories of people losing their beloved pets simply because they fed them food from a can or pouch. The more that comes […]

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