Tutorial Thursday

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to start what will hopefully be a new tradition at Blog About Crafts – Tutorial Thursday!

On Thursdays, up to 10 crafters and artisans participating on Crafty Tips will have one of their latest totally terrific tutorials showcased here to help inspire everyone to create more wonderful things and visit these great designers. This is our first week, so we’ll only be sharing 5 projects from Halloween ghosties, to little girl dresses and crochet flowers, but there’s bound to be something you’ll want to give a try!

Without further fanfare…here’s this week’s Tutorial Thursday.

Craft Ideas For All

Combine one cleverly crafty Mom and her cute as a button daughter and you’ll find these two finger puppets – Darry the Dragon and Frumpy the Frog. Both are made from construction paper and something every home with children hopefully has on hand – googly eyes.

The Crafty Tipster

Pretty, quick and simple are the hallmarks of these cute crochet flowers. Made from only about 2 yards of each yarn, they are also great stashbusters.

Rookie Moms

Don’t know what’s cuter, this picture of teddy the clown or the thought of making this clever ruffle collar for a quick and easy toddler Halloween clown costume. Match with some crazy jammies, a fun wig and maybe an older siblings much too large shoes, this collar would make for one styling clown. At least one blog visitor is also considering it for a clown costume for her dog.

Oh So Happy Together

This oh-so-cute military bias dress tutorial is designed to work for a child of any size as it uses one of their own shirts to make the pattern pieces for the top. Lots of great pictures and easy to understand instructions are included. I’m of course, in love with the cutey-pie model with her bandaged knee and styling shades. It doesn’t hurt that the dress is made in plum fabric – my favorite color!

Wee Folk Art

Two great applique ghost templates for you to use with your Spooktacular Halloween crafting. Designed to fit on a 6 inch quilt block, these two ghosties would make a great small pillow or other craft too. Need a bigger size, not to worry, there’s also a tutorial posted on another entry on how to enlarge designs.

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