Where’s the passion?

There’s a number of television and radio commercials in our area that leave me asking the question where’s the passion. They are for legal firms and leave me wondering why anyone would ever consider hiring those firms to represent them. The feature one or more of the lawyers facing the camera and in a flat […]

I Dreamed A Dream

I dreamed a dream that people were judged by their talents and personality and not their appearance. I dreamed a dream that there would be one of those talent shows where the contestants were hidden from view and we had to judge them purely upon their ability. While neither dream has completely come true, this […]

Unconventional Easter

Easter Sunday in Western North Carolina was a glorious day. The weather has been quite unpredictable here this spring. It’s normal for this area to see a last gasp of wintry weather in April. But, this year has been a mix of terribly dull, dreary gray days – some rainy, others just looking like it […]

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