Writing About Me Webpages

People like buying things from people they like. People don’t like buying things from people who seem unprofessional. Yeah, I know that’s obvious. But, I am finding more and more sites where the owner doesn’t appear to understand this. Professional Crafter If you are selling your crafts to strangers, you are a professional crafter. So, […]

Timeliness of Content

One of the biggest ways to turn away a potential customer is to announce that you haven’t updated your site in a while. In my meanderings around the web the other day, I came upon a site where the webmaster stated that they would be traveling and attending shows during the month of August and […]

Writing Product Descriptions

The key to writing product descriptions is to always consider your potential customer and what they consider when buying a similar item to yours. Successful product descriptions describe what is being sold, what makes it special and invites the reader to buy the item.

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