Returns & Exchanges

It absolutely drives me crazy when I have to beg for information about a business. Whether online or off, when I buy something I want to know if I can return or exchange it. This is particularly true when the item is sized, has multiple parts, or requires electric or batteries to make it work. […]

Choose Your Supplies Wisely

Last week, I talked about some crafts simply being too expensive to make – those crafts that are so labor intensive as to make them unprofitable. This week, to expand on that idea, I’m going to talk about the supplies used in crafting. Consider what supplies you use carefully if you want to maximize your […]

Too Expensive to Make

Let’s face it, there’s just some hand-crafted items that will never sell at a price comparable to what it costs in time and money to make them. No matter how beautiful, clever or praise-worthy they may be, they may simply be too expensive to make. Consider afghans as an example. They take numerous skeins of […]