Amigurumi Cat Toy

For one of our kitties, her favorite toy is a little finger puppet with a stuffed head and floppy ears. She throws it around and loves pushing under our TV stand and then digging it back out.

Not to be outdone by a child’s toy; I thought I could certainly make up something she would find more interesting.

So, I thought, what would be better than an octopus. It would have a stuffed head and eight great legs to grab on to. I made up the pattern and posted a more human-toy-like version on Free Amigurumi Octopus Pattern.

The cat toy version is a little smaller and doesn’t have any eyes. I also opted not to stuff the head to make it more human-foot friendly.

What I thought would be the ultimate cat toy appears to have been the ultimate snooze for our two girls. Neither one of them seems particularly interested in playing with it. They will swat at it if we annoy them with it but otherwise they don’t think all that much of my creation. Go figure.

I guess we could always use it as a stylin’ kitty hat…

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