Another Fun Day in Paradise

brokenFor the most part, I really enjoy what I do. I get to play with my computer all day, work with great vintage images, look at all kinds of great arts and crafts and help other small business owners build their sites. But, then, there’s days like today. sigh.

The day started out like any other day. But, then I logged into my Adsense account… Crafty Tips wasn’t anywhere on today or yesterday’s reports. Crap, that generally means only one thing…it’s down…hard. Sure enough it was toast.

Digging a little deeper, at least the database – that wonderful thing that stores everything that makes up the site looked OK. Got on the live chat with my webhost. Didn’t take long to determine, Oh gee, lookey there maintenance was done on the server and the site went down at the same time. Gosh, what a coinkydink. sigh.

Two chat sessions later and several emails proving I have the authority to approve a restoration from the backup files and….I’m still down. Apparently in the process of proving I have the authority, my ticket dropped out of or to the bottom of the queue.

Hate the idea of looking for a new host but it is getting more than a little tedious that every time they do maintenance one or more of my sites goes down. Apologies and getting it running again are all well and good but meanwhile they cost me money and a lot of time.

Had a few other things to do on my own sites and after lunch planned on working on a bit of writing for a client. She had sent me a very specific request for a blog entry and I needed to check my email for the names of the products.

Oh goody. gmail is down…again.

Maybe I just should have stayed in bed today.

Oh, and my wonderful embroidery for Mom is in a holding pattern. A part of what I’m working on is darkish threads over the edge of a darkish fabric. Even with a fairly decent light, I can’t be sure all of the fabric edge is covered. I’ve been waiting for 4 days, yes, that’s 4 days, for enough sunshine to see what I’ve done and what needs doing.

In the grand scheme of things, today’s frustrations are small. It is the second time I’ve had to delay work getting to this client because of a gmail outtage but other than that it’s pretty much another day in the paradise called the Internet.

5 Minutes Later…Guess I can add another thing to my list for the day…WordPress permalinks that seem to break and leave you wondering for exactly how long has my site been messed up.

2 hours later…permalinks fixed and still trying to get webhost to fix what they broke. Oh how I cringe at the idea of needing to find a new host.

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