Articles, Their Length & Adsense

There seems to be almost a science to determining what makes people click on Adsense ads and how that relates to the quality and length of the content on the page. I have been working on a new site as something of an experiment in both Adsense optimization and conducting research that combines web materials, library books, and pieces found on

The research has been fun and quite interesting. But, despite some well-placed incoming links, the site is not being indexed as quickly as I would like. Yahoo and Google are sending me traffic but neither has even half of the site indexed after over 3 weeks. Hate when that happens. lol

No this isn’t another rant on a site taking too long to be indexed. I am wanting to explore content quality and length to see how it can impact click through rates on a new site of mine.

Article Length vs. Adsense Click Through Rate

One particularly long article, The History of Rosemary has me in something of a quandary. I asked on one of the big webmaster forums about article length vs click through rates; Adsense vs CTR. Apparently the consensus is the shorter, the better. Makes sense really. Leave the visitor looking for more and they’ll be more apt to click on an ad. Give them the answer to their question and they’ll leave satisfied, without visiting any of your advertisers.

Is The Adsense Click Through Rate Decreased By Quality Content?

Personally, I don’t think those two are mutually exclusive. Why can’t an article on something like the The History of Lavender share the herb’s history with some depth and still effectively encourage visitors to visit an advertiser who sells essential lavender oils, lavender buds, or offers herbal remedies? I hope to find out through my experiment and will share my results here. Now if I could just get the search engines to index more of that site, I might be able to begin my research. 8)

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