The Twenty Million Dollar Blog Entry

Ever had a bad experience with a company? I know I have. And I wanted to tell the whole world just how bad my experience was. In the past, I would tell my friends and family about the company and suggest they find another company to deal with. When I had my last apartment I […]

Who’s Talking About Me?

In my last post, I talked about actively reacting to what other people are saying about our businesses and websites. Actively Reacting As A Marketing Strategy can be a time consuming task but there is one great way to make the task much easier. In order to actively react to blog entries, forum posts and […]

Actively Reacting As A Marketing Strategy

Many of us spend a great deal of time seeking ways to advertise our websites and businesses to stand out from the crowd. How much time is spent actively reacting to what others are saying about us? Some time ago I was subcontracted to do some marketing research for a company. Their products sold in […]

Do you know who you are linking to?

I don’t know about you but it’s always exciting when someone new visits my blog and joins the conversation by leaving a comment on one of my posts. It is a tangible way of knowing someone out there actually thought enough of the post to add their own. Of course, not all blog comments are […]

Are you practicing negative SEO on yourself?

Among the search engine industry is the relatively new concept of negative SEO. I don’t see the techniques associated with negative SEO as anything new; now they just have a name. Most of the conversations about negative SEO discuss a third party interfering with your SEO efforts but is not damaging your own SEO efforts […]

Articles, Their Length & Adsense

There seems to be almost a science to determining what makes people click on Adsense ads and how that relates to the quality and length of the content on the page. I have been working on a new site as something of an experiment in both Adsense optimization and conducting research that combines web materials, […]

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