Free Artist Profiles

I was looking at someone’s blog today and noticed a conversation on how to advertise a crafting business on the cheap. One of the things mentioned was to ask bloggers if they would be willing to interview artists or review their sites. I’ve toyed with the idea to review each of the sites submitted and […]

Attack of the Giant Pictures

There have been numerous studies that claim a website has only a scant few seconds to grab the surfer’s attention and keep them on your site. I have unfortunately noticed a trend with many crafting websites that use shop software to run the site – the sites take forever, I mean like 5 minutes or […]

What do I call it? – Part II

I was recently reminded that I had failed to write the second part of my techniques for naming my new websites. If anyone was paying attention and waiting for it; my apologies and I hope what I have to say won’t ruin any cool names you’ve come up with since then. If you weren’t waiting […]

Add-on Domains, Emails & Another Big Learning Experience

I spent much of yesterday working on a new website. In particular, I was working on getting an e-mail form to work within a picture gallery CMS system. My plan was for the form to send the email to a different account on a different domain that I read frequently throughout the day rather than […]

Spyware Warning

Yes, this is a bit outside what I usually talk about; but these sorts of folks need to be stopped. I was checking the visitor and referral logs for several of my websites. When I kept seeing the same site appearing in sites with a wide variety of topics, I thought I should see what […]

Get What You Paid For

On a webmaster forum that I frequent, a service provider brought to the forum a question regarding his SEO services and his client’s unwillingness to pay after the services were completed. Apparently, the client believes that he paid for the process and the provider believes the payment was only for the results; in this case […]

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