Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello, if anyone has been regularly visiting in hopes of finding something new here, please let me apologize. Like many of us, it seems like life can run in stops and starts and happily this has been a period of starts for me. Unfortunately, those starts have led to a couple of delays as well; including this blog.

For a while, I’ve only had time to visit here in order to combat the ridiculous and often disgusting spam comments. April 1st was like a bad joke. There were so many x-rated sites that had submitted “comments” that it seemed like it had to be someone’s idea of a joke. Even the domain names were worthy of an XXX-rating.

Those folks are worse than tele-marketers. No matter what you do to make it clear you are not interested and they are not welcome, they still keep coming back like a bad rash. I can’t imagine any of them really think that a blog about crafts and running a small business is truly interested in “old men” doing what men and women do with young; well, you should get the idea without me actually having to go there.

I have around 150 trackbacks and comments that have been posted and accepted here. In contrast, I have had over 400 unrelated, spammy, and often vile comments and trackbacks by the spammers that I have had to delete.

On a more positive note, I haven’t been writing here much because I have been busy writing for others. April has been a banner month, bringing me a nice amount of both new and repeat business for my writing services. This week is going to be chock full of writing, writing and more writing. I LOVE IT!!!

Pet Site Guides, my pet site directory has been undergoing a major face lift. The changes will give the site a much more modern and sophisticated look. I can’t wait until I finally get it re-launched. The changes have taken so very much longer than I had hoped but I really am coming to love the site and hope others will feel the same way. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling in hopefully another week or two. (The new site is not online yet other than in a hiding place where I can work on it.)

Hope this spring is turning into new adventures and experiences for my readers as well. April just may become my absolute favorite month with all the promise my endeavors are showing. I wish each of you the same good fortune.

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