Christmas Cross Stitch Alphabet Embroidery

A few weeks ago, I posted a group of pretty Christmas cross stitch patterns for letters of the alphabet on my crafty tutorials website The Crafty Tipster.

The Vintage Christmas Embroidery Alphabet included cross stitch diagrams for almost all of the letters. A few are missing but with the rest of the set, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with your own designs for J and Y.

Mom was going to sew me a gift for Christmas this year. She got 25% of the way done and called it quits. The week leading up to Christmas was full of dark, gray, rainy days which made it very hard for her to see her work. I’ll give her that, the gloominess was oppressive.

We went out and about anyway for last minute Christmas shopping. The last day we went out became an adventure in avoiding parking lot puddles and concluded with a harrowing ride home at night, in the dark, in the fog and with torrential rain that was creating its own fog. I’ll admit that was one of two times I recall that I was truly afraid while driving. I drove the last mile or two mostly from memory and blind faith.

Anyway, what began as an embroidery of N O E L with holly leaves and berries turned into a single lonely letter N.

Granted, the letter turned out quite pretty but alas the N stands alone as Mom’s endeavor at craftiness this Christmas. Maybe next year I can coax her into doing the other three letters.

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