Christmas is Coming

Christmas will be here in only 93 days! Have you started yet? Yeah, I know it isn’t even October yet. But those of us who make our gifts or sell items at holiday fairs know we need to get our act together and get crafting.

While there are some categories that could be filled out a bit more, this year Crafty Tips already has almost twice as much to offer as it did last year! And we are continually adding new sites and crafty tips almost daily. We’re sad that several truly informative craft sites appear to have gone offline; but we are very excited about the many new ones.

The past year has brought the addition of several new categories and they are continually expanding with even more great sites.

We continue to be picky about what sites we share as Crafty Tips was begun to sort through all the craft websites that do not offer anything of value and only present those that showcase companies, artisans, and projects that truly represent the independent artistic experience and excellence in art and design.

Crafty Tips will never list sites that offer only mass produced items that are manufactured rather than created. Our focus continues to be on those individuals and companies that may not carry the name recognition of a Michael’s or JoAnn’s but exemplify the creative and independent spirit of arts and crafts.

If you haven’t already been, please check out Crafty Tips to learn from the artisans and crafters who have submitted their sites and their favorite crafting tips.

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