Craft Show Madness

Wow, 3 for 3! Such a disappointment. For three different weekends now we had planned, scheduled and drove several hours to attend Craft Fairs, Fall Celebrations and the like.

None of the events were being held for the first time.

Yet, oh what a mess.

Newsflash … if you are having a large event and expect thousands of people; you better have somewhere for folks to put their cars!

Should I Just Leave My Car Here?

Yep, for three weekends in a row, we had to drive on by the events because there was absolutely no place to park our car. I suppose we could have parked as far as a mile away and simply hoofed it back to the festival. Yeah, great idea. Been there done that. Wasn’t pretty. Picture two bedraggled women; one walking at a speed significantly lower than her age and another, younger version limping visibly and groaning – that would be us at the last event we decided to ‘hoof it’.

I don’t care what you have on offer, it’s just not worth it.

Something Different This Time

We were pleasantly surprised yesterday when our arrival into the town holding the festival had clearly marked signs “Festival Parking” almost as soon as we left the highway. Maybe, we thought this would be the one – third time’s the charm and all that.

The signs led us to the parking deck at the new courthouse in town.

Note to self – pay attention to those clues trouble is coming.

Round and Round

So, we enter the structure and see no available parking spaces on the first level. No problem, I tell myself; the first level always fills up first. Ahh, look here comes a few cars from higher levels – there should be some open spots as these folks are leaving. OK, it was a bit early in the day, but it was noon – for sure some folks were leaving.

That older and wiser version of myself, namely Mom, started murmuring about the parking lot being full. Ever the optimist or simply not willing to potentially drive off from event #3, I kept circling and climbing the parking deck.

The stream of cars going down is now getting too large to ignore and reality finally begins sitting in. When daylight appears around a corner along with a long line of cars standing still and others trying to navigate around them – the truth is too obvious to avoid. The lot is full.

Luckily, I was able to make a 3-point turn in a corner of the lot and start my way back down. Suddenly, there are a great many more cars going in both directions and one could almost see the steam coming from each car as its occupants realize the futility of being on the parking deck.

I don’t blame the festival organizers for the lot being full – that’s the kind of turn out all organizers hope for. But, c’mon folks – when the lot is full – CLOSE IT DOWN!

Here spot, gotta be one somewhere…

Still hopeful, or again just continuing down the road of fools, I go to some of the other public lots and side streets. Yeah, well that was about as productive as the parking deck. With a glance and a sigh we resolved to move on to something else.

Just Another Day in Paradise

This Saturday’s event had a great turnout. The weather was a gorgeous sunny fall day in the mountains of North Carolina. We were able to turn the day into a driving holiday where we found a nice place for lunch and enjoyed the beautiful fall leaves.

Can I Enlighten You?

Now, my request to all you event organizers out there. MAKE SOME SORT OF OFF-SITE PARKING ARRANGEMENTS WITH A SHUTTLE SERVICE!!!!


Next week, 0 for 4?

Not sure what’s on the schedule for next week, but hope springs eternal that some event will finally get it right.

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