Craft Tutorial Thursday – April 12, 2012

Fairy wands, knitting solutions, a bag pattern and a free printable mini-album are the craft tutorials featured in this week’s edition of Craft Tutorial Thursday.

All of these talented ladies have been showcased here before and some of you might even recognize their work just by looking at the picture. If you aren’t already visiting their blogs and shop on a regular basis, consider this your invitation to do so.


Wee Folk Art

Kimara and Michelle are a mother and daughter team who make so many of the cute felt items that have been featured on Blog About Crafts. As they prepare to open their real world shop, they still have taken the time to share this charming craft tutorial on making fairy wands.

They plan on offering kits in their shop for this project as well as many of their other charming crafts. They have spent a lot of time and planning on their shop and the pictures certainly show that they have a well-thought out plan. Be sure to visit their site to check out this charming craft tutorial and wish them much success when they open their store on April 23rd.

tech knitting


I’m not a knitter and I’ve never crocheted a garment either, but I do know that the bottom of the V on a V-neck garment is a place where any mistake really shows up. It’s also one of the first places to show wear and tear.

A recent forum discussion led TECHknitter to share her technique Cure for Loose Stitches at the Bottom of a V-Neck. Through words and detailed drawings she teaches how to make those central stitches smaller and tighter to eliminate having a stitch with a large loop at the center of the V.


Sweetly Scrapped Art

It seems like it wouldn’t be Craft Tutorial Thursday without a great printable or scrapbook project from Emily. And this week’s no exception. Well, it is a bit different since she’s sharing a scrapbook project that you can make from a collection of her printables.

Free Printable Mini Album with Printable Page Layouts is the latest of her shares. I always love how Emily puts colors and textures together and this group of album pages only exemplifies her talents.

Use one or more of her printable layouts to make your own mini album or use them for greeting cards or other paper projects. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Knot Gypsy Designs

Anyone who has made or thought about making micro macrame jewelry has probably heard of Knot Gypsy. She has shared her expertise for years through her blog and sold many of her beautiful pieces on Etsy.

This week, you can purchase a full kit to make a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace in her Speckled Fans pattern. The kit comes with a fully illustrated set of instructions for the Two-tone variation of the pattern as well as several variations. IT also comes with all of the the jewelry findings, beading thread, focal and seed beads you will need to complete the pieces. This kit is in blue and white but she offers these kits in a variety of colors.

Sew It, Love It

Learn how to make your own tote bag with this craft tutorial from Sew It, Love It.

One of the things I like best about this pattern is that there’s no fussy pattern pieces. All of the fabric is cut into rectangles and the project looks like something even a beginning sewer could make.

Even though Ilse hasn’t been on Crafty Tips as long as some of the others who are frequently featured on Craft Tutorial Thursday, she is quickly catching up with her wondering sewing tutorials and projects.

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