Craft Tutorial Thursday – April 26, 2012

There’s a couple of tutorials in this week’s Craft Tutorial Thursday that I might just have to try. Whether you want to get up to a little monkey business or pay tribute to the American flag, this group of craft tutorials offers a nice variety of projects to keep you busy this weekend.


I absolutely love the look of this bag. Christine proclaims it fairly easy to make and I just may have to call her bluff on that one and give this a go.

With several zippered and velcro-ed pockets this fabric bag seems roomy for even the biggest pack rats among us. Her free tutorial for a gorgeous bag just might entice you to pull out your sewing machine and fabric stash and give this one a try.

She offers basic instructions on her blog plus a more complete version, with more photos as a PDF file. The purse is designed with a flat bottom and feet to help keep your bag clean and tidy. It even has options for 2 or three zippered pockets.

Sew It, Love It

Learn how to make darts to give your clothing a finished and more fitted appearance. You will be happily surprised how simple it is to add darts to your clothing.

In this craft tutorial on Sewing Darts, you will learn how to make both single pointed darts and double pointed darts.

Craft Passion

Who doesn’t love sock monkeys?

There are several crafters on Crafty Tips who specialize in making sock monkeys but this week Joanne L. over on Craft Passion shares with us her own craft tutorial for making one of these cuddly favorites.

With so many wonderful vibrant colors and discount stores, today’s sock monkeys go far beyond the old red, brown and tan ones that we grew up with.

Joanne had so much fun designing her pattern and making these guys that she ended up stitching an entire family of monkeys.

Visit her site and learn how to sew your own sock monkey.


Get ready for Memorial Day, the 4th of July or just add a bit of patriotic spirit to your home decor with this painted wooden American Flag tutorial.

Once again, Hani has invited a clever crafter to guest post and this week Holly shares with us her flag project.

Part of what I really love about this flag craft tutorial is that it is a project that the local hardware store would probably cut for you since the cuts are so simple. You could probably hit up their scrap pile to get a number of the pieces you need as well.

Wee Folk Art

Somehow in between launching their shop this week, Kimara found the time to design this cute bitty birdie applique block. I love the choices she made for the felt and thread colors on this one!

She provides a download of the pattern pieces in a PDF file and gives great instructions on all of the embroidery that she did. This craft tutorial also includes recommendations on how many strands of embroidery floss to use for each embellishment.

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