Craft Tutorial Thursday – April 5, 2012

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Another week has just flown by. I’m beginning to think that I should maybe just leave that as my opening sentence for these Thursday posts. I can’t believe this Sunday is Easter and we are already 5 days into April. Who put the world in fast forward? whew.

The good news is since it’s Thursday again, it’s time for more great craft tutorials from the talented folks participating on Crafty Tips. If you haven’t visited Crafty Tips, you really should. And, I’m not just saying that because it’s my site. You will find all of the crafters included into today’s post as well as over 900 others. You’ll find crafting tips and links to websites on everything from Altered Art to Yarn & Thread Suppliers. There’s even a few craft tutorials among the wonderful tips everyone has shared.

Now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s move on to seeing all of the clever tutorials that have been shared this week.


Hani over at Craftionary finds some of the most talented and clever crafters to guest post on her site. This week it’s Heather from Crafting The Night Away. She provides a wonderful tutorial on turning one of those plain multi-photo frames into a Spring Collage.

It’s bound to be one of those, gee, why didn’t I think of that ideas for you. It was for me anyway.

Hopefully, Heather will join in the fun on Crafty Tips and we can all look forward to seeing more of her great projects.

craftionary craft tutorial

Mod Podge Rocks

So many folks visit Blog About Crafts because of a post I once did relating to jewelry stands. This one, made from a re-purposed cut holder by Amy, could be done to match any home decor or craft booth theme.

With a little paint, scrapbooks paper and Mod Podge, you too could make this charming Jewelry Stand from a Cup Holder.

Mod Podge Rocks Craft Tutorial

Origami Spirit

Sadly this will probably be our last Easter-related craft tutorial on Blog About Crafts until next year. But, I think is truly the best of origami – something super cute and functional.

Leyla Torres does have some really great origami tutorials on her site, but this Easter Bunny Rabbit Container is my new favorite.

Leyla shows you exactly how to construct this bunny rabbit container through a step-by-step video.

Wish I had some two-colored paper to try this one.

Sew It Love It

What a wickedly clever idea for a tool belt apron. With it’s own belt and a number of pockets this project is great for the crafter who wastes more time searching for her tools that she just put down than actually stitching. And, yes, I’m talking about myself here. 😀

This Tool Apron Sewing Pattern craft tutorial tells you how you can make your own and stop playing hide and go seek with your own crafting and sewing tools.

sew it love it craft tutorial

Sweetly Scrapped Art

I think part of what fascinates me so much about Emily’s work is that she often takes a full color vintage image and by using a single color often makes the images even more lovely. She certainly offers all of us more ways to use the great images she finds.

Take this pretty floral image for example. In her post Free Vintage Cards and Labels she shares the original vintage label, this version with the text removed and a green version. She took another advertising image and gave us 5 different versions to play with.

Be prepared when visiting her site to become addicted to Sweetly Scrapped Art.

sweetly scrapped art

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