Craft Tutorial Thursday – February 23, 2012

I so love Thursdays. This column of mine forces me to take a few moments and really enjoy the cleverness of the folks who are participating on Crafty Tips. Each week they come up with such clever ideas. And the rest of us are lucky enough to watch over their shoulders as they teach us how to make the same things from their patterns and tutorials.

My Recycled Bags

It’s so terribly hard when the furry members of our family have health problems. We would do anything to help them, if only we could figure out what form that help should take.

This week, Cindy of My Recycled Bags offers a wonderful crochet pattern for dog leggings. Her yellow lab was licking her legs to the point of causing open sores to form. In an attempt to protect the area to let her pet heal, she came up with these crochet leggings that look quite stylish. The best part? It worked. Her dog is healing and the licking has virtually stopped. So, if you have a dog who tends to lick their legs or maybe one with arthritis, these leggings might be a good way to help your dog to be more comfortable.

Wee Folk Art

Are you as hooked on all of these wonderful fabric, felt and crocheted flowers as I am? One of the hottest trends on crafting is providing a virtual bouquet of choices.

The latest frayed fabric flower pattern was shared this week on Wee Folk Art. Using printed fabric, felt and a large button, Kimara shows us how to make one of these flowers and even includes a printable flower pattern template.

Rustic Crafts

This is a great craft tutorial for those of us who are drawing impaired. Shucks, even some of my stick figures have needed subtitles. Even if your artistic talents exceed mine, you still might want to check this out.

Renee has come up with a super clever way to transfer virtually any image onto wood using freezer paper.

I won’t spoil the ending with this one but trust me, it sounds super easy to do and the results are fabulous.

Hummingbird Quilter

This post by Lucia over on Hummingbird Quilter is one after my own heart. It’s a wonderful crafting tip on using a product she found in an office supply store for marking quilt designs on fabric.

As you can see from the picture, it’s a product that marks fabric but will disappear when you apply heat.

This is another one where I’ll not give away their secret. But, I think anyone who quilts, embroiders or sews should definitely check out this super-useful product that you might want to add to your craft supplies.

Sweetly Scrapped Art

Emily has sure out done herself this week. She’s posted so many wonderful free printables that it’s hard to choose a favorite from the bunch. I Pinned this one when I saw it, so I guess that makes it the most logical choice to be part of Craft Tutorial Thursday.

In a post full of random vintage images and digi stamps is a collection of rulers that really caught my eye. While they would make a great printable for paper crafting, I could also see them being used for product photography. Instead of using a crummy or boring plastic ruler to show a product’s size, you could use one of these beautiful printables from Emily.

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