Craft Tutorial Thursday – March 29, 2012

March is just about over. Spring has sprung early and Easter is just around the corner.

This week’s Craft Tutorial Thursday post has 9 wonderful tutorials and some great vintage printables for you to explore. Six are offered freely and four are offered for sale on Etsy.

This group of craft tutorials covers a wide range of techniques, crafting types and levels of difficulty. There’s projects suitable for children up to ones that require advanced skills.

Visit one or visit all of these talented folks and their sites and shops. And, don’t forget to visit Crafty Tips where you can find all of the people showcased today as well as over 900 other talented artists and crafters.

Crochet Bunny Dishcloth Pattern.

Wooden Bobbin Turned Vase Craft Tutorial

How to Make a Bowtie Quilt Block

Navaho Inspired Tussie Mussies Craft Tutorial

How to Make Strong Envelopes From Tissue Boxes

Vintage Hat Company Advertisement with Cats

Bead Pattern Japanese Lantern Necklace Tutorial & Instructions

Felt Doctor Medical Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Large Tractor Rag Quilt Pattern

Micro Macrame Special 10 Pattern Set

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