Buttons for a Tutorial

I think I am sometimes just one step from the funny farm. Someone offers me my choice of buttons from their catalog in exchange for a tutorial. What do I do? Spend a week looking at buttons and mired in indecision.

Tails, Fails & Resolutions

The year is winding down and my New Year’s resolutions remain undone. Three pairs of socks and a long story later, have I finally managed to keep one of them?

DecoBloc Glass Block for Crafting Review

How lucky was I to be chosen to receive a sample of the DecoBloc Glass Block for Crafters? I was worried that I couldn’t write what I wanted but once the company rep said the only rule was a 30 day deadline, I was stoked that I would get to play with their product.

They really thought about how crafters would use one of their glass blocks and have a great product. If they offered a stand too, it would be perfect.

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