WIP Crafting Report January 2012

So far, so good, with my New Year’s crafting resolution. I promised myself that I would make more time to craft this year. Last year brought a lot of good ideas but I have very little to show for it.

It has only been three weeks, but I have already posted several new vintage cross stitch patterns that I have stitched up with several more waiting to be posted. And, I am also working on a button project that I hope will turn out well enough to turn into a tutorial. Come see what I’m working on and learn where you can find the coolest cross stitch bug pattern in 100 years as well as a repeating cross stitch background pattern and the first two cross stitch alphabets that I have posted on The Crafty Tipster.

Crafting Resolution for 2012

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions. And, we’ve all failed to keep them too. This year I have what should be an easy resolution to keep – craft more, think less. So far, I’ve kept to my new crafting resolution. Two new projects done with one to share here.

Hopefully, 2012 will be a lot more fun since I plan on dedicating more of my time to doing what I love – creating things from fibers, beads and teeny stitches. Only time will tell if I can honor this year’s resolution.

Snowflake Day!

Today’s the day. The one day a year we honor the cut out snowflake. Didn’t know there was a Cut Out Snowflake Day? Neither did I but they so much fun to make it’s no wonder someone named a day to celebrate them.

In this post, I’ll share how I make snowflakes and offer a pair of suggestions on what to do with them.

Be forewarned, cutting out snowflakes is highly addictive.

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