Today’s Crafty Tips Roundup

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the goings on over at Crafty Tips. This week’s submissions included two new great suppliers – The Knitting Shed and Handbag Hardware. Be sure to check them out along with along with all of the other great companies providing artisans and crafters with the supplies needed […]

Free Crafters Advertising

Blog About Crafts and Crafty Tips have started what will hopefully be a long-term opportunity for crafters and artisans to share and promote their handmade items without spending a dime for advertising.

Lots of News

Yes, it’s been almost two months since my last post. My writing business has picked up and both of my webhosts decided to upgrade. I thought I was being so clever spreading out the risk by having two webhosts but that strategy proved useless when they both announced major changes within days of each other.

True Artisans Emerging

The long-awaiting upgrade for Crafty Tips is delayed due to the sheer volume of websites currently listed. One of my major goals was to make room for bigger pictures to really showcase the wonderful items everyone is making. Every site has to be re-visited and a new picture or a new copy of the old […]

Stop the clock, please!

Wowza, the weeks are just flying by. Seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that it was Valentine’s Day. Nothing really earth shattering to say today. Been busy with client work and updating Crafty Tips. Yes, I’m finally going to fix those little lingering things that keep breaking every time Microsoft puts out a […]

Guest Blogging Today

I’m so excited! Amy, the brains behind Mod Podge Rocks invited me to guest blog on her great site. I can’t thank her enough for giving me such a great opportunity. I’d like to welcome any of Amy’s regular readers who may be stopping by in the next few days. If you liked the tutorial […]

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