Recycled Arts & Crafts Arrives at Craft Tips!

In a move that is perhaps greatly overdue, I’ve finally added a category to Crafty Tips that celebrates the artists and crafters who work with recycled items. These green and crafty folks take things that we would normally discard and create something beautiful, functional and even wearable! One of my favorite websites that shares projects […]

Spring Cleaning at Crafty Tips

The past few days have brought a flurry of small changes to my craft directory. Some were long over due and others were the result of recent submissions. Great Blogs By Crafters Today’s submissions to Crafty Tips brought a great blog, Lenox Knits that is maintained by a wonderful knitter. Problem is that along with […]

Crafting News & Updates

OK, so maybe this isn’t truly life-changing news for anyone other than me but this has been a great week for the sites in my little crafting world. Blog About Crafts News I received an email the other day from a subscriber of this blog. It was so nice to hear from her. It was […]

Crafting Software Comes to Crafty Tips

It’s always exciting for me when I create a new category on Crafty Tips. It usually means that a new type of craft will be included on my craft directory. But, in this case it is a category that is often overlooked by other crafting directories – sadly, mine was missing it as well. The […]

Huge Milestone Reached Today!!!

It’s now been over two years since I started. With a little knowledge and a great idea, I started Crafty Tips Arts & Crafts Directory. I had come to hate looking for anything about crafting on the search engines because there are just so many sites that offer very little in the way of helpful […]

Crafty Tips Update

I haven’t talked about Crafty Tips in a while and thought it was time to share some of what’s been happening. I continue to be honored by the numerous talented craftspeople and artisans who ask to be part of my site. We’ve finally broken through the 300 mark for listings and now have 200 categories.

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