Cross Promotions to Sell More Crafts

Cross promotions – a wonderful opportunity to bring more attention to your crafts and work together with another crafter or business.

Cross promotion is where two companies with complimentary items work together to increase exposure and sales for both. Traditionally, cross promoting involves two different companies; but anyone who makes multiple items can also do it with their own items.

Cross promoting has been around forever. When I worked for a furniture company they cross promoted with a company that sold flower arrangements. Our tables with their pretty centerpieces and another company’s place settings drew more attention than an empty table ever will. Our pictures were hung behind couches sold by a another company.

The ideas are endless. Cross promotions are often done when crafters share a craft fair booth; but also works well with your own things.

So how can cross promotions work to help sell your crafts?

Dress It Up

Pins are always worn on something. Put some pins on those felted hats. Use some pins to close/tie scarves. Dress up a purse with a coordinating pin.

Hang a coordinating necklace or scarf on that mannequin wearing your knitted sweater.

Match It Up

Necklaces and earrings. Necklaces and bracelets. Purses and scarves. Purses and hats. Purses and wallets. Blankets and slippers. Enough on that – pretty straightforward.

Make A Deal

If you buy both items, take a bit off the price. Encourage people to buy more. There’s a term for this too, it’s called selling up.

Sell It Up Part II

Add something for free. Buy a necklace, get a free giftbox. Buy a diaper bag, get a free matching teething ring. While this isn’t technically cross promoting, it can help you to sell your items.

Help Each Other

Take that necklace of yours and put it in a giftbox or bag made by another crafter. Let the giftbox maker use a few of your jewelry items to display in their boxes.

You sell baby clothes. You know someone else who sells baby accessories (jewlery, booties, blankies, toys, whatever). For every onesie you sell, offer a coupon for a discount at the other place. Display a full set together and hang a quiet sign that says – shoes courtesy of Mary’s Baby Shoes.

If you sell your diaper bags in a community drug store. See if they will give you free or discount coupons for when you sell at craft fairs.

Cross Promotion Potential Everywhere

All of my display stands are made by Joe’s Woodworking. Tent supplied by Tom’s Tent Works. Plate racks made by Smitty’s Iron Works.

Got it? Now go find some folks to cross promote with.

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