Does that ad bother anyone else?

Is it just me, or does that cell phone television ad for Valentine’s Day get under anyone else’s skin?

I mean, here’s this guy sitting at his kitchen table making his sweetie a handmade Valentine with glitter, lace and his special touches. His “sweetie” greets him at the door, opens his offering of love and searches the handmade envelope for her real “gift”. Finding none she slams the door in his face and then the announcer tells us he should have gotten her their cell phone.

Every time I saw that ad all I could think of was “Wow, what a witch!” What a special guy to make his sweetie a hand-made personalized Valentine. How romantic! Any bloke can buy something, making something is truly special gift. One day I hope my sweetie will give me such a lovely gift.

Cell phone for Valentine’s Day? – how romantic.

Note to any future Valentine of mine, it’s the thought that counts, despite what Madison Avenue says.

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